"By way of polar extreme, you cannot get further from the reassuring goal-oriented cadences of Beethoven and Rossini than the gratings, scratchings and glistenings of electronic ambient music. These formed part of an engrossing evening of experimental music and film at Kings Place, the last in the Sound Source series devised by Ed McKeon. Pianocircus performed two Studies by Nancarrow and, among a string of beguiling works, E-tudes by Federico Reuben and the whirring, whirling Ellipsis by Duncan MacLeod."

Fiona Maddox, The Observer, June 2009.

“…a mercurial violin duet which dismantles Mozart’s Violin Concerto in D… an interesting piece.”

Sam Davies on Etude for the Duchess of Illchester, The Wire, May 2006.

“Duncan MacLeod, introducing his piece Graffiti, refers to the "gigantic plucking machine" of koto, harp and bass koto that forms a kind of rhythm section to his engaging work.”

John L Waters, The Guardian, June 2006.

“…the strings’ slow, fragmentary musings garnished with foot stampings and whispers of a text chopped into nonsense way beyond Gertrude Stein. The ears were tickled...”

Geoff Brown on …undistinguished things to senses ruck…, The Times, Feb. 2004.

"Duncan MacLeod's piece, undistinguished things to senses ruck, was assured as players whispered random words and stamped their feet."

Rian Evans, The Guardian, Feb. 2004.